Don’t pass go 

Is there anything worse than Monopoly? Perhaps Junior Monopoly? Actually no! Having played junior Monopoly I can say I kind of approve for the simple reason…. it’s mercifully brief. (I’m reliably informed Game of Life junior is even worse btw)
Junior Monopoly takes the very last vestiges of a game from monopoly and pasteurized, sterilizes and bleaches it so you’re left with a random number generator. The game is entirely predetermined. You don’t have to actually play the game to play the game. You move by rolling the dice and moving your cartoony piece on a smaller board than the regular one (six squares per side rather than ten) and HAVE to buy a property where you land if it’s vacant. HAVE to. The money has been simplified so everything is in millions. The first row of properties cost 1m, the second edge of the map 2m and so on around each side. Land on someone else’s and you pay out that much money. If you can’t afford to either buy or pay rent (you start with 20m) game’s over and the person with the most money wins…

Oh yeah there’s chance cards to. One of which send you jail. Woohoo. 
No building houses or hotels, making deals, all gone. In fairness I know it’s a kids game but holy shite this is poor stuff indeed and a terrible introduction to gaming for any child. There’s so many better games out there that are kid friendly. Avoid

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