Stories from the front

Got to play Multiplayer last night for the first time and was summarily handed my Keister (sign here and here) by an online gaming chum, not once but twice.  I offer no excuses

So what’s Multiplayer like?  It’s excellent.  If you’ve played Total War before you’re in familiar territory.  I played as dwarfs and came close to winning the first time against vampire counts.  I was hammered soundly by Bretonians.  Yes Brets. The multiplayer battles allow up to 3v3 with six races in there.  Empire, Dwarf, Bretonians, Chaos, Vampire Counts and Green skins.

A Dwarf city on the campaign map in Total War: Warhammer.

I was impressed with the graphics engine.  I dialed the detail all the way up and it was still as smooth as silk.  The game looks gorgeous.

I think they have the versus battles down pat.  It captures the spirit of Warhammer really well but is still very much Total War.


Now the multiplayer campaign is a different matter.  it IS only two players but can be played versus or co-op. Also Brets aren’t in there for campaign. I would have liked more players but it’s OK we can do our campaign map outside the game and do our battles online (I have a plan)….

Right, that’s your lot, back to work



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  1. Hey Vic,

    Lemme know the story with the map based campaign- would love to take part or to think the idea for locally.


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