How I learnt to stop hating Blood Rage

Two top tips. Don’t read fashion magazines they will make you feel fat. Don’t play Blood Rage against someone who’s played it a lot they’ll let you think you’re winning and snatch it away from you utterly at the end. Also eat more veg, floss, don’t start a land war in Asia and dig two graves when you set out for revenge. That should cover everything.

I played Blood. Rage. (said in a Dracula accent) again last night. Four Vikings walk into a blood Rage. A noob, two semis and a bastard shark. Figure the punchline. Hubris is a cruel cruel mistress. 

The game itself IS good. Not as good as the hype that surrounds it but a solid fun game and to stand a chance you need to play it multiple times. Then more again. There are combos that are game winners. There are certain actions you need to take or chances are you’re sunk. It reminds me of build orders in competitive RTS games. Some cards are overpowered. Some creatures (I’m looking at you fire giant) are way too good and it’s luck you get them. 
Despite all this, it is a really fun game and it does look (with models painted) the business. After a couple of plays I’ve seen a depth open up here. There are multiple strategies to winning. There is a lot of adjusting your plans on the fly or in my case throwing them away completely and capitalizing on opportunities.
Is it worth rushing out and buying. Yes if your group doesn’t have a copy but one copy is enough. It’s expensive for what it is. There are many fine games out there and this is one of them. Try it before you buy it. It may not be your skull of tea. I came THIS close to winning right up until the end. Curse you Thor 


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