Best Firstname Ever

Drakon is a good solid name. You don’t need s surname if your first name is drakon. Unless of course everyone else in the class is called drakon but let’s be honest. It’s unlikely

Drakon is a light competitive dungeon …. Race. It’s not a bash as such. It does have a sort of exploration thing going on but it’s more a race to get to seven coins before anyone else. Actually that’s exactly what it is a Dungeon Race

Each player starts in the center tile with multiple exits and when it’s your turn you place a floor tile somewhere it can fit on the expanding map then you have to move, that’s your lot. Each room has a symbol which does something. Teleport (guess what that does), lose a coin, gain a coin, move the dragon, take an extra move and so on. Each of the characters has a one shot special ability. Well ability. They’re not particularly special
The trick is to setup a chain of moves that will see you grabbing coins like Mario whilst denying them from your opponents by clever placing of the floor tiles or directing of the coin robbing pikey dragon.  

It’s a lot lighter than you would think from similar beasts. Is it a lot of fun? Well it’s not unpleasant to play. It might stray occasionally into “good Craic” but that’s as high as the tide mark will show. I’d definitely play it again, its undoubtedly going to be a big hit with kids, after one game I can take it or leave it. 

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