Good people

I have to say this. I’m struck by the fact that gamers are good people (in general and within the hobby). Why am I saying this?. Well recently I posted a blog article in which I was critical of the game imperial settlers. I wasn’t a fan after one game and wasn’t overly bothered to play it again…..

Now. There was a lot of replies to the post. A number of people came back and expressed their opinion and it was all in the form of. Well I like it. Maybe you’re missing something. I’m not s huge fan. I agree. I disagree. I think it works better this way etc etc. the point is not a single person was rude, abrupt or aggressive in a group of 7.5k people. Think about that. With such a diverse crowd of gamers. All passionate about their hobby. Everyone of them was civil and helpful. Thats amazing

What’s more I was persuaded that it definitely needs another play and another blog article. 
So thank you to all and group hug

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