Fur coat, not much else


I’m not sure (apart from snazzy graphics) what I was going to be getting myself into when I got to play imperial settlers but I was eager to have a lash of it. Oh I do know what I thought might happen. Some sort of develop your village attack your neighbours….. It IS like that but not in a slick and easy way….

Imperial settlers has you working through more hoops than 1970s spaghetti. You can’t do THAT until you have THIS and getting that you’ll need this. It was the second game of the night but I could feel the “let it end now” mood swinging in.

The game sees you with a hand of cards each with a resource cost on them. Getting them into play costs you a mix of apples, stone, wood and little pink people. Each round you draw a set of resources depending on your race and you try to build your economy as best you can via worker placement (On the cards you’ve been able to bring into play). There’s no map.  It’s a card game. so… no map.


Ok I’ll say it straight out. I didn’t like this game. There’s only five rounds and every turn is unforgiving and to be honest tedious. By the time you get a reasonable economy together it’s game over. Granted after repeated plays you’ll be able to get things off the ground faster but it doesn’t matter. It’s just not that exciting planning to be able to generate an extra wood next turn if you play your cards right. Couple this with the lack of interaction and you have a pretty dull economy game. Yes you can attack other players economies but doing so will use resources better spent developing your own so we have a fairly solitaire experience. Granted again once you learn the game you’ll start to see different strategies emerge but I couldn’t be bothered. I only have a hundred years or so of life left and I don’t want to waste any of it.

There’s lots of economy games out there. This needed to be something special to raise its head above the rest. The nice pictures didn’t do it. To me it’s over hyped just like machi koro was. I won’t be rushing back. (I may saunter back)




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