louis cypher


I like these card games in a bag genre that’s appeared in the last few year. They’re starting to become a bit samey but it’s a new enough device so I’m willing to indulge it. Love letter is a great game. I really like lost legacy and I do like Cypher.

I first came across this game at last years Gaelcon. A buddy* had bought it and I got to play a few games of it having played a lot lot of love letter (mostly badly)

Cypher features 19 cards this time and sees up to four friends* trying to end the game with as much influence as possible visible from up to three cards in front of them.


Each turn sees players in turn play a card and execute its action, draw a card and then reluctantly discard down their hand by giving the excess to their opponents. It’s a little bit like Tichu where you hope to offload your trash and not help your opponent. Remembering what your opponent did last turn and guessing what they might be up to is key


It’s a neat little game. The artwork is dacent. The theme is good (I do like cyperpunk), the mechanics are tidy. It’s pure filler material but it does have some skill and you will want to play it again

I was able to secure a copy of it for a good price at the last Knavecon and I’m delighted I did. Looking forward to more of these. I have not quite slaked my thirst for bag games.



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