Why can’t we just get along?


Invasion from Outer Space : The Martian Game

Why can’t we get along? Well… If we did it would make for a very short game. This is a rework of last Night on Earth. It’s a straightforward no messing around zombie game not a million miles from zombicide. I was lucky enough to pick it up in pristine condition at the Knavecon buy and sell.

The game sees two or more players take the part of the evil Mars attacks type aliens and the mad as hell and not going to take it anymore colourful circus performers.

Like all good zombie games, The bulk of the alien forces are cannon fodder but plentiful and can overwhelm in numbers. The Heroes are a tougher lot and can take a number of hits before they fall beneath the green tide.


The invaders also sport a couple of super aliens in the shape of the Zard beast. An indiscriminate wrecking ball and the Martian hero, the equivalent to the human heroes.

Play sees the two duking it out in a variety of scenarios all with a strict and terminal (for the humans) amount of game turns. The action happens around a fairly randomly laid out circus with the big top always at the centre. Various rooms offer up a wide variety of searchable items (hero cards) ranging from weapons and equipment to various cantrips. The aliens equally get to draw from their invader deck with a view to spiking the Carneys 8pm performance (and taking over the world)

It’s a very neat game. It does everything you’d expect of this genre and there’s no real down time. I’ve only played it two player, but from my experience of last night on earth it should scale pretty well.

The art work and print qualify is excellent. It’s very shiny. The art is on par with other games from Flying Frog. I assume that unlike me Flying Frog have a brace of handsome friends they can call on to play the parts of the various heroes. The photo work is superb and exudes an air of fun and frivolity.


I like this game. It’s a happy, fun, relatively light affair, well worth the entrance fee. If you don’t have a good zombie game and don’t fancy shelling out for a more expensive animal you won’t go far wrong with this

Huzzah (or ag ag ag ag as we alien invaders like to say)


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