Who’s Afraid? – eMail Werewolf V is afoot


Calling all werewolf fans, Knavecon is now recruiting for the annual email Werewolf Game.  if you’ve played this game before you will know exactly what it is about.  If you’ve attended Knavecon and took part in Werewolf you’ll know what it’s about too.  This version gets played out by email with the wolves claiming a victim every day (bar weekends where they take a rest).   Voting also happens once a day

Even if you haven’t played werewolf (or any other game) before it’s simple and I guarantee you’ll have a good time.

I’ve secured the masterly skills of the Dread Pirate Joe to once again GM the game.  Game is open to anyone with an email address, So….

Get your email addresses into me and when we have 30+ we will kick off

Who’s game?



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