Dicing with Death – Pirate’s Dice


Pirate’s Dice aka Perudo or Liar’s Dice is a very simple push your luck game.  It’s very very simple.  Each player takes a set of five dice and secretly rolls them not revealing them to the other players.

The first player then calls out a challenge such as “Five fours” indicating that they believe there are in total Five Fours or more rolled between ALL the rolled dice on the table (he’s probably lying).  The player to the left of them can either raise the bet say calling six of the same or something else or call the player on the their bet.

Once called the dice are all revealed and either the roller or the one who shouted “Five fours? Pull the other one!” (Or something similar)” is right. Whomever is wrong loses a dice and the process repeats until one person is the only player with dice.  An extra rule sees ones are wildcards so judging can be tricky.

This game reminds me of Texas Holdem, rather than the blinds moving towards you it’s the bet and being in a good position makes all the difference (no you can’t swap seats).


For such a simple game it’s quite tactical.  I played a few versions of this and just like Skulls and Roses you could make it yourself with a stack of dice.  The last version I played had coloured dice and shakers for each player, a nice touch which allowed you to judge things that much better by looking at the number and colour of the discarded dice.

This is pure beer and pretzels gaming but not bad for that.  I recommend trying it and seeing what you think.  Dig out a dozen dice and let me know what you think.



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