120 days of CAH


Knavecon is a wholesome family event, the minds of the players are pure and unsullied like a captured hobbit.  As you can imagine the introduction of not one but all five expansions for cards against humanity was a shock, that said it doesn’t really explain the five hour marathon they played at the event with ALL the cards.  Seemingly so certain cards from the thousand or so on offer would reappear.  That’s dedication.  that’s not a great description but it will suffice.

CAH is a fun game with the right group (e.g. not your mother in law).  The problem with it is a dozen plays in you’ve seen all it has to offer and you tire of the combinations.  The expansions each of which drop a level of depravity add fresh … vigour to the proceedings.  A lot of the cards are very good, some are quite dark but all of them injected (no pun intended) with the same wit that pervades the base set (base being a great description).

If you’re a CAH fan I would whole heartily (that sounded rude too) recommend the expansion.  You may need to shower after but you did want an add on and the developers gave you one….

Oh err missus


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