Cool Cats in the house – Black Kat Games


Black Kat Games will be joining us for the first time at Knavecon this year and they mean business! They’re going to be running two events on the day.

Black Kat are a really active games centre in Kilkenny and stock a great range of games and run some damn fine competitions.


I caught up with the lads in Kilkenny a month back and we spend a very pleasant afternoon shooting the breeze. Anyhoe.

I’m delighted to announce that they will be running the Nationals for Settlers of Catan at Knavecon this year, the winners of which will qualify for entry to the UK and from there to the US !  This is the real deal, win in the UK and you’ll be flown to the States to partake in the world finals.

Catan will kick off at 11AM

The second Competition is going to be DICE MASTERS.  They’re going to run a rainbow draft on the day and this will start at 3PM

Things are hotting up!




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