I never said WHICH Christmas it would be over by : Diplomacy 2014/15 Spring 1904

Well it didn’t end by Christmas, I didn’t think it would but you never know.  A most unusual game.

turn8If you’ve ever played Diplomacy you’ll notice something odd…. Italy isn’t dead which is the normal course of events.  This game is anything but normal.

Germany is still hanging in there with it’s nothing to see here stance.

Seemingly, Napoleon wasn’t a small man, it was all British propaganda, France on the other hand is shrinking rapidly and may disappear with an audible POP.

Russia seems to be holding it’s own (never underestimate Russia).  Austria and Turkey have taken the shirts off, folded them neatly and are now circling each other fists a whirl

England is very much ruling the waves and fortress Britain looks impregnable.

I’ve never seen a game go like this, I’ve seen some odd stuff, but nothing like this, bravo! more of this I say!




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