Knavecon ranked highly in Geek Ireland Awards


Thanks to all those supporters who went out of their way to vote for Knavecon in the Geek Ireland awards.  We got a LOT more votes than expected and finished third (just pipped at the post for second) for the best con of 2014.

Even though it’s a fairly new con and it’s not based in Dublin, it’s always been a con that’s punched above it’s weight and the fact we rated so highly is a great start to 2015 and a testament to the gamers who come each time and make a good con a great con.  Well done everyone

I’m looking forward to gaming with all of you in 2015, drinking coffee and above all talking shite with conviction.  Knavecon V is on the 11th April.  Make sure you’re green lit for it.  It’s going to be good.  Actually it’s going to be REALLY good.  Until then, keep gaming, keep talking and keep the faith,

“May we game a thousand years”



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