Probably the First Review of 2015


Game of thrones. Westeros Intrigue

I wound up playing this game unexpectedly over Xmas. It’s fast it’s light. It’s vaguely skillful although luck plays a big part in it. Then again luck plays a big part in the great dalmuti but we’re still playing that years later.

It’s a simple, simple game, a re-release of a Reiner kniza game penguins. A deck of 50 odd cards each of which can be one of four colours is dealt out evenly to each player. The players now need to get rid of their cards. Once one player ditches their hand the remaining players take a scoring chit for each card they still hold. At the end the lowest scoring player wins. simples


The game plays out over six rounds and the first out of each round gets a face down card which has a random minus number which reduces your score at the end.

It’s a lot of fun. Now you could easily knock this game together we a deck of cards (and optionally some sticky back plastic) but like skull and roses the cards are nice and it’s cheap as chips so all in all if you’re looking for a filler game and or a family game then this is a solid choice




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