The Wheels on the Zombie go round and round


The zombies on the bus go round and round, round and round

Now it’s in your head isn’t ? The wheels on the bus. Going round and round. My seven year only once said “Daddy! Think of a horse…, are you thinking of it? ” “yes” “HA! Mind control!”

That’s got nothing to do with the second expansion for zombie dice but it did spring into my head so tough luck

Zombie Dice 3. The school bus is a one dice expansion did ZD but it’s a big dice. It’s a ten sided one and it represents a yellow school bus that’s gotten mixed up in the zombie dice apocalypse.

It’s the NRA dream as the kids are packing heat so it’s no McBrains on wheels.

There are a number of new dice faces besides the normal blast and brain. Actually there’s a nice mix up with these two in the shape of a face with three brains and a shotgun blast and brain together (playing hard to get)

The big old school bus dice can be substituted for the third dice after the first standard round. Did that make sense ? Doesn’t matter I’ll confuse you by saying the wheels on the bus go ……


The new faces are

Yield : all shotguns become brains
Stop : (possibly hammer time) that’s it, the ride is over and so is your turn
Tyre thread : get run over and lose a brain and you can’t use the bus again that turn
Dead end : all runners are trapped and become brains

It’s nice. I like the extra possibilities. You can at any stage jump off the bus and use the normal three dice if you like. It’s possible to score highly with the bus if you’re lucky. It’s possible to lose badly. I couldn’t tell you what the odds are if you do go bus or not. It’s fun. It adds to an already fun game

I’m not a big fan of Steve Jackson games (the games not the company) but this series is good. It’s simple. It’s fun and it’s great for a warm up

Again it’s expensive but it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it

I’ll have it at Knavecon. Try it see what you think and remember the wheels on the bus ….



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