Music to Conquer to

one man

An important part of any gaming night is the music. The last thing a gentleman or lady wants to hear is the Tick Tock of ones old grandfather clock from the main reception as you sweep your croupier stick across the playing field.  Puts one right off

Too many of us rely on the classics. The Lord of the rings soundtrack, Conan the barbarian or if it’s a game of x-wing the Emperors march.

Now I’ve been accused (quite rightly) of having inappropriate music at a games night, Truth be told gentle reader of late I’ve gotten a bit lazy. I just stick on a web radio like

Radio paradise or Somafm  and let the interweb do it’s thing.

By right I should really hook up Spotify but I have my reasons not to. I do have an end of life squeezebox and that performs admirably and a stack of mp3s of questionable value thanks to radio Kerry. That said picking out music during a hand is a sin punishable by at the very least death

So I guess rather than give my opinions today I’m asking what do YOU think is good music to game to?  Opinions may vary, Wars may start but the best place to defuse them as always is on the gaming table (unless you have a dark alley nearby)



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