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one man

An important part of any gaming night is the music. The last thing a gentleman or lady wants to hear is the Tick Tock of ones old grandfather clock from the main reception as you sweep your croupier stick across the playing field.  Puts one right off

Too many of us rely on the classics. The Lord of the rings soundtrack, Conan the barbarian or if it’s a game of x-wing the Emperors march.

Now I’ve been accused (quite rightly) of having inappropriate music at a games night, Truth be told gentle reader of late I’ve gotten a bit lazy. I just stick on a web radio like

Radio paradise or Somafm  and let the interweb do it’s thing.

By right I should really hook up Spotify but I have my reasons not to. I do have an end of life squeezebox and that performs admirably and a stack of mp3s of questionable value thanks to radio Kerry. That said picking out music during a hand is a sin punishable by at the very least death

So I guess rather than give my opinions today I’m asking what do YOU think is good music to game to?  Opinions may vary, Wars may start but the best place to defuse them as always is on the gaming table (unless you have a dark alley nearby)



Stormy Thur – Being a Drax Report

It wasn’t actually called Stormy Thur but It’s late and I’m not checking my mail so with that in mind it’s back to 1888 for more MURDER MOST FOUL!  it’s Letters from Whitechapel

I’ve had an interest in this game for a long time and wanted to like it, so it’s great that I do like it. a lot.

As I said last week it’s a bit like Dracula but it’s simpler but it’s in no was less of a game.  In fact it’s a damn fine game on par with the Fury of Dracula.

Last week I was caught short, in the middle of my second murder (jack has to complete 4 to win) and each gets tougher to complete as the police start to close in on his hideout.  So this week a new Jack replaced me (a man used to wearing black) and boy did he lead us a merry chase!

It would have been charitable to describe the investigative team as bumbling.  the first murder happened quick sharp and jack we had NO clue where he was.  We attempted to up our game by using cheesy quotes from cop shows but even this bold step didn’t help.

Murder two happened quickly and the mayor was chewing me a new ass when we started to get a clue as to where the coffee cups in the kitchen were.   I was going to crack this case if it cost me my badge

Murder 3 (a double header) kicked off and we had at this stage used most of the clichés.  It was desperate times so we applied more brainpower to the problem and despite me getting the backup to move in and let jack free we eventually caught up to him and it came down to a 50/50 shot for him to make it to his hideout.  he lost, we won.  Brilliant detective work all around and much back slapping

Fun little game, well worth the entry fee.  It’s a definite btw for Knavecon

In a repeat of last Thur and a need to do better we washed the first game down with a Notre Dame Chaser

It’s pure worker placement with a certain amount of cock-blockery.  It’s a better game than it appears and the whole plague thing is great fun.  Can’t bate rats for entertainment.

Last week I lost on 58 points with the winner (drax) /spits on ground  getting 59

This week, he RACED ahead with a neat set of points from supporting the church early on and often.

There’s going to be a third game of this and next time it will be different (He’ll probably beat me worse and I’ll burn the game and bury the ashes)

I have a hankering for Struggle of Empires.  Once I figure out the rules (HA!) We’ll have a lash of that, maybe even next thur




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