OI! Did you spill my potion?!!


Wizards fighting is an epic event. Usually I let you figure out the reference on the post but I’ll shortcut it just this once.  This was from a 1963 movie called “The Raven” which I can vaguely remember (a rerun of) and featured a final showdown between two sorcerers played by Vincent Price and Boris Carloff (who seemingly one of the lads on Thur night is related to) Here’s a clip of the battle.

THIS is how gentlemen fight

Wiz War is a capture the flag shoot out in the style of Frag!  It’s good clean fun and it does exactly what it says on the tin and exactly what you would expect of a game like this to be like. Up to four wizards scamper around a fairly random maze attempting to hold onto their own treasure whilst trying to grab someone else’s….

I’m going to tell a story now which I think is hilarious (says more about me than you). It’s off color so I’ll choose my words carefully. My dad worked on building sites when he was young and there wasn’t any toilets in this particular large development of flats. He was caught short one day and spying a flat across the way that another chippy had just vacated he ran down and left him a present …. only to return and find some thoughtful fella had done the same in his flat in his absence. 😦


This is wiz war in a nutshell. Run in and do the business before someone else does it to you 🙂

Wizards can move a certain amount of squares and at any point in movement launch off a spell. These come in the form of movement, offensive and defensive buffs, direct damage, passage blocking, direct damage and traps, this that and the other, exactly what you would expect.  You score one point for grabbing enemy treasure. One for killing a wizard.  Score two and it’s all over.

Here’s my problem, there’s nothing in here you don’t expect. Nothing novel or innovative. It’s uninspired, it’s quick but it’s a cheap thrill where winning isn’t really an accomplishment. It’s not random. There is skill in here but not enough to make you love the game.


It’s a fantasy flight game so it can’t help but be produced well. The minis  (four wizards) are good quality. Ditto the board and cards. There are other games out there that do wizardly combat. Magic the gathering among them. They do it better.

That said there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this game and I’ll happily play it again but I wouldn’t be rushing out to buy it.  It’s certainly good fun for younger players and there is a new expansion coming soon that looks interesting.

When I was a student and games were hard to find (or pay for) I used to design up my own. All of which wouldn’t pass muster these days. This game reminds me a bit of this. If you were asked to write a tabletop game of wizardly combat you’d probably come up with something similar to this.   I’m going to play it again and my view may change but for now it’s raises only a meagre huzzah (with no capitals or exclamation points)


Head still spinning from games played in Knavecon so lots in the tank for more blogs. This could be good or bad

Roll on tonight, we’re playing RAMPAGE!







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