Coup the Gras Thur (Part 2)


In the same way as there’s something about Mary, there’s something about Augustus.  It intrigues me and I was lucky enough to pick it up as a swapsee with one of the guys from the gaming group who shall remain nameless and Polish.

Augustus is a game I’ve spoken about before and had a neat pictures of Augustus Gloop to lead it in, Unfortunately apart from that there’s feck all other puns on the name so we’ll have to run without one.

Augustus is a card game with similarities to  Stone Age, 7 Wonders and Iliad.  It’s 6 players which is nice and it plays through in a relatively short time, say half an hour plus (or an hour maybe), so it’s at the upper end of filler games.  There’s a bit to it.  In essence it’s a grab what you can can before the other guy does with a little bit of push your luck.  There’s a bit of offensive play it in where you can upset other players plans but it’s more about getting the best score you can before the others do.


OK It’s a BIT like bingo if I’m being honest (rare) without the smoking and blue rinses but there is a lot less luck involved although luck does play a part in it.  It’s a good bit like bingo when the other players in the group shout BINGO! when they fulfil a card.  Honestly, the gaming evenings just fly by

For your buck you get a very good quality game, that’s very well priced.  It’s a fine game for filling in and I definitely see myself playing it again every so often

I didn’t win.  I didn’t win by ONE point.  Just barely losing is way worse than being hammered, having a little hope and seeing it crushed is a terrible thing when you’re on the receiving end.

It’s a good thing I don’t bare grudges…





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