Coup D’etat


I don’t usually write follow ups to gaming nights but something about the game COUP has piqued my interest. Firstly I like it as is evidenced from the last post and secondly it’s ever so slightly broken, which is a pity.

It’s possible to get locked into a game a few turns from the end with no way out and this is something I’m sure others have discovered, not least the designers.  Thus we have… the Inquisitor (no-one was expecting that were they!)

From my readings it seems that a new version of the game is on the cards (again pardon the pun) like they did with Resistance.  The new version has two additions one of which is the aforementioned Inquisitor

This chap replaces the ambassador (no bad thing he was a bit weak) and has the following rules

  1. He can do a mini ambassador move, swap cards, but only 1
  2. He blocks stealing
  3. He can look secretly at another players card (of the targets choice) and ask them to swap it with the court

I think this changes things quite a bit, so no more getting blocked in by inevitable assassins or coups.  SO next thur we’re going to try this out along with the other rule

Oh I didn’t mention that did I?

There’s more

but it’s late and that can come in the next post




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