Viva la Revolution Thur

Sometimes games turn up in the oddest of places, in this case TK Maxx in Arklow.  I had heard that TK Maxx was doing boardgames in the last few weeks and Limerick was sold out so by chance I found myself in Beautiful Arklow and browsing the kids section

Last week I was talking about The Hobbit Card game that I had picked up for €6, this week we got to play Steve Jackson’s Revolution which cost me the paltry sum of €12.



First up was a few games of Ribbit (or the turtle game from Poland)

It’s a great little game, and it’s a super fast filler for five people.  Every time we play it we say

1. You could play this for money (not me I keep losing)

2. You could add some interesting rules

I’ve spoken about it before so I won’t rant on (it’s just not me) but I recommend getting this game both for adults and kids

The main game of the night was


This is in essense a very simple game, it’s a hidden bidding game where players try to gain control of different areas of the map spending their influence and also trying to grab more influence to use in following turns.  It’s very simple, it’s also very bloody good.  Even half way through we had come up with several strategies for winning (none of which won btw).

Now usually I’m not a fan of Steve Jackson games but he does bring out some crackers and this is one of them (so is zombie dice)

If I had to fault it I’d say it’s only 4 player BUT there’s an expansion out there for 6 so I reckon (price dependant) I’ll be looking for that

Then we all talked rubbish about Knavecon for a good hour + and went home very happy



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