Artemis Thur – Being a Drax Report Missed a bit

Oh yes, I just remembered we got to play Guilds of Cadwallon last night.  I really like this game.  I’d seen it (well the box anyway) with the Wee Gamers at Conclave when it was in Kickstarter.  The artwork was excellent.  I was curious and at £8 (for some reason) I snapped it up.  All that had to happen now is I had to like it.

Well I do like it, it’s snappy, it’s a little bit different and the artwork is lovely.  The idea behind it is Cadwallon (a city) is controlled by a number of guilds whom you wish to curry favour with.  You send your agents out to the streets to join together different guilds and in the process gain influence over them.

I was very impressed with Catan when I saw it first and realised you play it on the edges of the area.  Catwallon plays in the same way, you have a 3 x 3 grid of cards (buildings mostly) with gaps in between (boulevards) in which you can place your agents.  Each of the buildings confer a certain amount of influence which you can use to influence nearby buildings you connect with your agents.  Makes no sense, that’s fair enough it needs a 1000 word picture.  Take it from me this is a clever mechanic.

The game plays out over a number of rounds and the cards you gained influence over at the end are grouped and scored.  In the mix are some action cards that change things around, wildcard characters and options secret missions and global effects.  For such a small package it packs a fair punch.

It has elements from Catan, Citadels, 7 Wonders and a few others but it’s still fairly unique.  It happily plays out in say 20-30 minutes so it’s quite lite.  I’m eager to have another go at it which is not a bad recommendation.

I lost btw, I figured I would, then I figured I had it won then it was snatched from me if snatched means a country mile.  Nice game, more of that





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