Bcon a Huge Success


Well it’s offical. Bcon was a massive success. We had a total of 21 on the day, which was not bad for the first time a con was run, even with a good chunk of people missing due to misadventure and other commitments.

We came, we saw, we gamed, we talked an inordinate amount of shite and we drank some good coffee.

The whole thing wrapped up around 1am ish. Thanks to all those who were involved in the organising and those who helped on the day.

There were so many good moments in the day. Deccies daughter SHRIEKING “IT’s HIM! IT’S HIM! He’s the WEREWOLF, I KNOW IT!” (turns out he WAS the werewolf too). Getting to play a STACK of games. On the day I got to play, Dalmuti, Skull and Roses, Spartacus, Small World, Blood Royale (I liked that a lot), the Walking Dead, Werewolf. The laid back atmosphere, the whole ambiance of the day, the unexpected guests who took part, all, all good stuff

If I say so myself I think we nailed it

a one day event
arrive when you want
play what you want
game as much or as little as you like
leave when it suits

the location was A1 with everything a gamer needs within spitting distance (gamers can spit over a quarter of a mile)

This will DEFINITELY run again, but next time to make it possible to put a sign outside were going to change the name to KNAVECON

We already have plans afoot for it, expect news before the end of the summer

a big hearty HUZZAH! to all those who made it

and see you on thur!


3 thoughts on “Bcon a Huge Success

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    1. A little?
      Stupid villagers always hang me first! Don’t know why. I’m never the Werewolf….
      I was even the first villager hung in the last email werewolf game… AND I wasn’t even playing!

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