Nearly Bcon – Thur

Numbers were low due to a mother-in-law audit for one of the players so we started with Canal Mania

photo (9)

Canal mania is all about building… well canal’s funny enough in the 1800’s and NOT railroads although that distinction was missed more than once during the game.  Even though it’s a fairly straightforward game and we’ve played it before it took a while to remember so we smoothed over the lack of knowledge with lots of “this is straightforward” and “we’ll figure that out later” and a typical “AH, shit we forgot about THIS” and “We’ll play that rule from now on”

It’s a lovely little game, there’s something about it, I can’t put my finger on it, but everyone who have played it have been impressed with it.  It’s quite a gentle little game with a certain degree of cock blockery however the games tend to be close and competitive

Off the bat I was left trailing way behind and despite my best efforts I couldn’t catch up, the real action was up from between Kieran and Drax with Drax leading the way with Kieran never quite getting past… until the last turn… bad luck drax 🙂

Next up was


photo (10)

Reiner Knizia games are like Marmite. Not great.

Ok that’s unfair they’re a bit like madonna records, all the bloody same

I tried this one on the iphone and didn’t really like it, HOWEVER it’s a whole different story face to face. Simple game but takes a bit of learning to get a swing of it.  Possible to score big in the game and scream ahead but again one game doesn’t tell all.  it’s quick and it’s nasty, so perfect for the group

Remember B@stardcon Lite is on the 27th make sure to come along on the day





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