Bcon Warmup – Email Werewolf IV !


As a warm up to Bcon Lite on the 27th, email Werewolf is starting again next Thur 18th !

Top marks to those who got the pun on IV….. anyhoe

Dread Pirate Joe the greatest werewolf GM ever is going to be running it again. If you’re already on the werewolf mailing list and don’t want to be jump off now, if you want to join in and you’re names not down, contact me now.  What’s going to make this real fun is the game will only have half progressed by the 27th so a lot of the players you suspect or don’t will be AT B*stardcon lite 🙂

(I’m still convinced I lost the last one because I met one of the other players in Tesco and he read it on my face)

OH and just so we’re clear…. I’m NOT a werewolf !


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