Hive Thur

Good Nights gaming.

Thanks to Borys’ trip to Poland we spent the first half all sitting around playing Hive and smoking Red Marlborough like test chimps  (dramatisation, no smoking took place)

After several games of Hive (the beetles are key), we moved onto Imperial 2030

Now AS YOU KNOW the thur group are a gentle bunch of souls, never ones to insult another player or urge them to play faster so it was quite a revelation to have a Tuesday night (lets use the euphemism  ‘Barbarian’) in our midst, Straight in no kissin?  He didn’t even take his pants off before he was hammering everyone left right and centre.  First Turn Import, second turn Production, Third turn F****KKKKK YOUUUUUUU.   It was a very aggressive game with Europe and asia exploding into wars whilst North America quietly built up it’s factories and taxed.  Half way through a steady cycle of swapping ownership (you don’t own the country you just invest in it) took place and it was like pass the parcel for the rest of the game.  Game ended a bit early with Yank winning with his high ownership in China (managed by either Borys or Yank either turn).

Next week, having finally gotten (hopefully) all the x-wing models from wayland (NEVER EVER buy from wayland, the order went in before xmas and is only arriving next week)(they were the only one showing stock btw before xmas for x-wing), we’ll hopefully be having a big team battle of x-wing.  Plan is to have two teams on the night rebel v imperial and two capital ships going at it against each other with swarms of fighters

Both teams will go off before the battle and using the same points design up their squadrons then launch against each other from their capital ship and try and both defend theirs and take out the enemy’s capital ship.  Could be epic!

Between us we now have

8 – tie fighters

4 – xwings

1 – ywing

1 – tie advanced

1-  awing

1 – tie interceptor

Brian/Kieran will be in gamersworld at the weekend so we might pick up a couple more before next thur

So roll on next Thursday


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