Happy 6

Jay McKeown is the director of BroCon. A yearly three day cornucopia of board gaming, cosplay, console gaming and all things gaming gaming (yes I said it twice). He’s a Regular at thur night games, is despicably young and has a super power of inhaling rules and being right about them far too often I caught upContinue reading “Happy 6”

Happy 2 – Why we Game

David Stafford or “MrSaturday” as he’s better known as (by at Least half a dozen people) is an avid gamer and highly skilled artist.  Dave is the brains behind the Knavecon artwork and variety of other projects I’ve roped him into over the years. (I’m sorry Dave for everything, you were told don’t trust Vic.) I HIGHLY recommendContinue reading “Happy 2 – Why we Game”