Conclave Eve Thur – Being a Drax Report


Had a small group on Thur so we played those games you never get a chance to play normally.  In this case we got to play


For some reason ‘got to catch them all’ keeps coming to my head when I see the adverts for this game but it couldn’t be further from the reality.  Quarriors is a fair bit like Dominion with Dice

Possibly a bit unfair but there you go.  I LIKE dice games.  I like liar’s dice, I really like roll through the ages and I WANT to like Quarriors but it’s doing a damn fine job of evading my love.  Granted we had too few to really give it a lash but it doesn’t seem to scale that well.  I reckon it’s a full cast or no game.

Just like Dominion you start with two ‘hands’ of dice, this time in a bag, representing money.  you draw six dice roll them and depending on what turns up you pay ‘qudditiy’ (gold) to power them or use your GOLD to buy creatures and enhancements.  it then becomes a bit like Magic the Gathering where you attack your opponent and they defend possibly sacrificing their creatures.

Creatures surviving a round score glory (points) and the first to a set point target wins.  it’s all harmless fun and the skill is in picking a winning strategy whilst defending against your opponent.  NOW here’s the thing, I reckon we must be missing something because it’s all a bit weak.  you build the biggest creatures you can afford and attack your enemy.  Rinse and repeat.  Fastest to get to the highest score wins.  There was a distinct lack of strategy in this game so I’m going to hold off my opinion (It sucks) for now.  As I said I like dice games (this one sucks) and want to like this so watch this space.




Now THIS is more like it.  I must admit I had no idea about it outside of the fact that it was a 4x game and it had spaceships in.  As the saying goes, you had me at spaceships.

Ascending Empires is a very different game.  You move around the map land troops, conquer planets, fight battles, carve out an empire.  All standard stuff but movement of the ships is achieved by flicking your little round ships.  If they collide with an enemy both ships die, if you outnumber your opponents ships within a certain range you destroy him.

Ships can be converted to troops to land on a planet, to build structures and to summon more troops.  Structures can be used to score end game points or allow research of better stuff.

I LOVE this game.  its simple, the flicking mechanic works perfectly.  The board could be better.  The joins between sections are a bit iffy in places and can affect your flick but it didn’t when we played it.

I’m going to bring this to Conclave (and possibly everywhere I go) and show it off.  It’s a cracker and I’m surprised it didn’t make a bigger splash when it was released.

It’s no longer in print but there’s a few copies out there so you’ll get it secondhand easily enough.

So after Conclave tomorrow it’s back to thur and more Huzzahs



Thur Night Gaming – Being a Drax Report – Wounded Knee Special


It was a dark and stormy night and a few brave souls ventured out amid the flying debris to lock in battle.  We started with a ‘quick’ game of Dominion while we waited for everyone to arrive but this quickly degenerated into a ‘long’ game of Dominion and onto (for me anyway) a ‘terrible’ game of dominion.  I’ve since considered burning spy, thief and militia as the time sink cards they really are.  Boris won it with Brian close behind and me nowhere to be seen

Next up with the real meat and potatoes.  I’ve had a hankering to play CONAN the strategy boardgame for a long time

BY pure concidence the same bunch of players were assembled last night that attempted the game last time.  Now, Conan is a complex game, once you get into the swing of it it’s fine but it’s standard Fantasy Flight, lots of tokens, lovely artwork and a solid game.  I’d be lying to say interest was low after the last attempt but we set to and with the conan soundtrack in the background we all attempted to wear the jewelled crown of aquelonia upon a troubled brow. If you haven’t seen the game it’s a bit different, it’s a bit like warrior knights with a few twists. Conan features but he’s a force of nature that you nudge in a certain direction rather than directly control.  As the game continued it become more and more competitive and as we got to the half way mark it was looking like everyone was onboard for the long haul and due to the complex rules it WAS a long enough haul.

I don’t recommend attempting this game without someone to guide you and looking up half a dozen tutorials on youtube.  It’s a hard game to get to grips with.  Even with a good lash of it last time we struggled with some parts of it using the age old technique of we’ll figure that bit out later.

All in all this is an excellent game.  There’s a good bit to it and a lot of ways to win. I’m eager to have another lash of it having figured out all the rules.  Once you get into the swing of it, it can tip along at a nice pace.  Nice level of player interaction and back stabbery.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating and everyone stayed the course so we didn’t finish until 2am and the winner was a little in question, I reckon it was Borys, he reckonded it was me but no-one had a bad time…. Except maybe Brian On…..

There are three areas you can score points for  Mastery of  Treasure, Women and Monsters….

In the third age you can attempt to steal a march and end the game by getting Conan to your home kingdom and crowning him king of your realm.  It’s risky enough.  Basically you declare which area you claim mastery of and show your points tokens you’ve gained through the game, if you’re highest in that area you win.  So effectively Brian invited Conan to his kingdom and claimed to have the highest rating in Women in the whole world.  12 in this case, way higher than Bory’s 3 and Brian F’s 2 but…. Not as high as absolutle Babes from Aquelonia whom I had tokens for to a total of 15….

Conan was displeased, he beheaded Brian, marched off and his kingdom failed.  Not a happy bunny J

Great game, I recommend it, let’s play this again since we can now

More of that next Thursday



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