Flick it like it’s hot

Ascending Empires is an oddity. It’s a 4x space game with and unusual movement technique…. You flick the pieces to move them. That’s right it subbuteo in space. OK you’re first thoughts are this is dumb until you sit down and play a game. It’s really really good. Play this game if you get aContinue reading “Flick it like it’s hot”

25, 26, 27

Psssttt!! Want to make some money?  Go have a look at the game Ascending Empires on ebay.  Here use this handy link on BGG http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/37919/ascending-empires $200 for the game in the states, €15 in France.  Buy low sell high (send me half the difference as a finders fee) When I got Ascending empires as aContinue reading “25, 26, 27”

Conclave Eve Thur – Being a Drax Report

Had a small group on Thur so we played those games you never get a chance to play normally.  In this case we got to play QUARRIORS! http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/91536/quarriors For some reason ‘got to catch them all’ keeps coming to my head when I see the adverts for this game but it couldn’t be further fromContinue reading “Conclave Eve Thur – Being a Drax Report”