The KnaveKids Promise


Knavekids is kicking off on next Sunday, the 19th July for the first time in what I hope will be a regular shadow convention to the regular Knavecon.

After the last Knavecon’s success with the kids corner we’re going to hold a family friendly event aimed at families and children who want take part in something that’s a win win for everyone involved

Boardgames are something that the whole family can enjoy, they’ve come a long way from Monopoly and Snakes and Ladders. The benefits are too numerous to list here.

Wether you’re a veteran gamer or someone who wandered into the event thinking it was a wedding and didn’t leave, you’re going to have a good time, your kids are going to have a good time.  I promise you

Come join us



Who’s Afraid? – eMail Werewolf V is afoot


Calling all werewolf fans, Knavecon is now recruiting for the annual email Werewolf Game.  if you’ve played this game before you will know exactly what it is about.  If you’ve attended Knavecon and took part in Werewolf you’ll know what it’s about too.  This version gets played out by email with the wolves claiming a victim every day (bar weekends where they take a rest).   Voting also happens once a day

Even if you haven’t played werewolf (or any other game) before it’s simple and I guarantee you’ll have a good time.

I’ve secured the masterly skills of the Dread Pirate Joe to once again GM the game.  Game is open to anyone with an email address, So….

Get your email addresses into me and when we have 30+ we will kick off

Who’s game?



Give me your huddled gamers


For no reason here’s a graph of the counties where gamers flocked from to attend Knavecon V.

Thanks to everyone who made the journey and made it a great great day. Roll on Knavecon VI



Gamer’s Breakfast – Knavecon V

fryupAs has become tradition we invite you to join us for a light snack (or more correctly a heart stopping fry) in the morning before kick off.

Myself and the Knaves will be sitting down to brekkie around 8:30/9:00 tomorrow morning in the Hotel.  Carb up and get a good run at the day



Knavecon Grand Raffle – Part 4


More games being added to the Grand Raffle..   I give you, new and shiny



So that’s

  • Puerto Rico
  • Port Royal
  • Pagoda
  • 2 x Kebab Shop Promo cards for Istanbul
  • Alchemists

Tickets will be available on the day for the grand Raffle and thanks to those who have already purchased



Knavecon Grand Raffle – Part 2


Thanks to all those who have already jumped on board with the Knavecon Grand Raffle.  I’m a little late with this post, as promised I’m adding some more games to the prize fund and because I’m a little late I’m extended the double ticket window until Midnight 2nd April.  So without further adieu I’m adding PAGODA to the draw


All those who have entered the draw will also be entered for the Pagoda draw.

There’s still time to jump onboard and throw your hat in the ring for what some are saying will be the biggest raffle since the National Lottery*

WATCH THIS SPACE (well you know what I mean), more items will be added in the run up to Knavecon



*Dramatization actual size may vary

Knavecon Love Letter Auditions


I’m going to do up a custom Love Letter Deck for Knavecon.  The various roles on the cards will be replaced with pictures of gamers. SO here’s what I want.  The roles as you may know are

  • Guard
  • Priest
  • Princess
  • Countess
  • King
  • Prince
  • Handmaiden
  • Baron

I want you to submit a photo of yourself photoshopped or cosplayed to one or more of the roles above.  The best ones will be used for this con’s Love Letter Deck a number of which will be printed and played with and given out as prizes on the day.

who’s game?

sent them IN PRIVATE to or catch me on Facebook



Dr Phil in the house

I regularly get slagged off for playing inappropriate music at games nights. Even though Knavecon can be a noisy affair I always thought it lacked music, so rather than subject the gamers to my Excellent taste in music I’m bringing in a professional.  Say hello to Big Phil.  Phil Wade is a veteran DJ who regularly plays in Limerick and as a gamer himself is perfectly placed to produce the ambient atmosphere and background music the con deserves.


This is going to be a hell of a day!



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