Boardgame Café Dublin


I had the pleasure of talking to Carla recently from the Board Game House Café in Dublin.  Carla and her husband Bruno are avid board game fans and are setting up a board game café in Dublin. They’re pretty close to completion and are finalising a location (possibly in Capel street) which should see 40-50 people seated in comfort, gaming and professionally coffeed.

The guys hail from Brazil where boardgame cafes (and I would assume coffee) are a common occurrence.  The idea would be for people to drop in,  have refreshments and if they want to game pay a small fee to gain access to their large game library (I’m envious of some of the games they have on offer).  The fee will be used to maintain and add to the games they have.  They’ll have on hand game gurus to take people through the rules which is a fantastic idea.


So, coffee, boardgames and a relaxed atmosphere, it doesn’t get much better than that (a bit like Knavecon!).

I’m going to visiting them in the next few weeks for their opening and I wish them the very best with their new, wonderful, venture



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