Knavecon XX Grande Raffle – 1

It is my fond duty to open the Knavecon Raffle for Knavecon XX. We need something special to kick off this return to gaming and it doesn’t get much more special than THIS

What happens when you get Neil Gaiman and Martin Wallace to write a boardgame? You get this beauty!

This is a First edition A Study in Emerald, out of print for nearly a decade and fetching prices of €200 and more (and less, but more as well for sure). Not just a collector’s dream this is a REALLY good game, one you should own and one you should play.

Raffle will happen at 5pm on 26th March 2022

I’ve had many requests over the years to sell this game but every time I’ve said NO! This game belongs with the Knaves! So I knew this time would come and now it’s here. OWN IT. Buy a ticket


SO! how do I get tickets early and beat the rush on the day and benefit from the 2 for 1 offer before the Friday before the Knavecon?  Well because I like you and I DO like you so much (only so much) I’ve made it simple just paypal my Swiss bank account at

Prebook Prices are currently

  • 2 x raffle tickets for €1
  • 20 x raffle tickets for €8
  • 40 x raffle tickets for €15
  • 100 x raffle tickets for €30

Should you feel inclined, feel free to pre-book your tickets for the event too.  Tickets will be available on the door on the day as usual. Spaces are limited, don’t miss out, you don’t want to miss out do you? !

  • Adults €20
  • Students and unwaged €10
  • Accompanied Children Free



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