Knavecon Grande Raffle Part 5

Okay adding THESE to the raffle. This is going to be some raffle ! Knavecon 16 on the 11th September, Huzzah!

Box lid for TMG's Deluxified™ version
Plus the Upsized Map Kit for it

Plus of course these guys

Orleans Stories

uncaptioned image

Not to mention these

Cuba Libre | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

GKR : Heavy Hitters 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pic4018244.jpg


SO! how do I get tickets early and beat the rush on the day and benefit from the 2 for 1 offer before the Friday before the Knavecon?  Well because I like you and I DO like you so much (only so much) I’ve made it simple just paypal my Swiss bank account at

Prices are currently

  • 2 x raffle tickets for €1
  • 20 x raffle tickets for €8
  • 40 x raffle tickets for €15

Should you feel inclined, feel free to pre-book your tickets for the event too.  Tickets will be available on the door on the day as usual.

  • Adults €18
  • Students and unwaged €10



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