11th September 2021 – Level Up Arcade Limerick


What a time to live in!

Knavecon is back (we never really went away) and I’m super excited to be talking to you about the details. couple of quick things then a few slower ones

The venue for 16 is going to the Level Up Arcade in Limerick. I had a couple of meetings with the owner who’s a gamer and the place is magnificent. Two floors, two bars, a full kitchen, tables, lights, it’s a gamers dream.

Hours will be the same, we kick off at 10am and play through until the next morning.


Venue : The Venue can host 280 people and more space is being built on over the summer. The food is magnificent. It’s a licensed bar who do some cracking cocktails. Yes you can watch the rugby. The place is jam packed with retro arcade and pinball machines, these will be pushed to one side but should be available. Some of this we make up as we go along. There is parking onsite. Not hundreds of spots dozens.

Coffee : We’re going back to our roots and providing freshly brewed unlimited coffee from a local brewer. If you remember back to the early days where we had a stack of coffee machines going constantly. Well it’s going to be that again

Games : An even bigger library of games will be present as the Knavecon boardgame library. A lot of new games have been bought since the last con and I even know the rules to some of them although I’ll probably have forgotten by September.

The Raffle : We will have the best raffle we’ve had to date, don’t miss out on this. Get your tickets early and often. (yes we’ve captured Sin City and it will make a reappearance) Details of just what will be in the raffle will appear soon. Thanks to all those who contribute to the raffle each con. Keep it coming

Tickets : Ticket prices remain the same €18 for Adults (HA!) and €10 for students and unwaged. Tickets will be available on the door or can be pre-booked. If you’re coming mark it on the event.

Children : Okay couple of good points made to me. Since children will not be vaccinated by September it makes sense to let the younglings sit this one out. There won’t be a kids corner and I won’t have my own kids at the event.

Paypal for tickets is

Prices are currently

  • 2 x raffle tickets for €1
  • 20 x raffle tickets for €8
  • 40 x raffle tickets for €15

Pandemic : We’ve picked September as the date for a few reasons. Based on the Trajectory of COVID and the rate of vaccination I think we should be comfortable for then. Get your vaccination, I’ve gotten mine so I’m happy to be amongst you filthy animals. Remember you’re responsible for your own health

Accommodation : There’s quite a few hotels in the city center and beyond crying out of business. have a google.

If I think of anything else I’ll add it

I’m looking forward to seeing every one of you on the day. It’s exciting. It’s going to be great day. As ever my role here is to open the doors to the brewery and let you have you get your gaming party underway!



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