Knavecon FAQ

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A couple of new visitors have asked a number of questions about the event, I’ve put together a quick FAQ for them

Knavecon FAQ V1.0

What is Knavecon

Knavecon is a boardgame convention run twice a year in Limerick in the Castletroy Park Hotel.  It’s primarily card and boardgames with a small amount of tabletop and group games.   A large library of boardgames are provided for use on the day or you’re very welcome to bring your own.  Our staff will be happy to show you how to play any of the games

Is it child friendly

Yes, accompanied children (under 18) get free entry.  There’s a kid’s corner where younger gamers can partake in simpler games with their minders.  Kid’s corner runs from midday to 4pm.

What Time does it start and end

The convention starts at 10am and runs into the small hours of the following Sunday.  It usually ends around 3 or 4 am.  You can come and go as you please during the day.

What’s the deal with the Raffle

We raffle a number of boardgames on the day.  Tickets can be bought at registration or online in advance

I want to bring my own games

Excellent, do.  To ensure there’s no mix up staff will provide you with a labels and pen to clearly mark your copy of games.  All library games are clearly marked as such

What’s the buy and sell

A free Buy and Sell table is provided to allow people to sell and buy second hand games, each is labelled by staff with your name, sale price and mobile number for easy contact

Food and Drink

Coffee is provided free of charge for the day as part of your entry.  Dungeons and Donuts will be selling donuts on the day (they disappear quickly)

Game Sales

A number of traders will be present in the outer hall to sell their wares, boardgames, cardgames, donuts, game related items and services.

What’s the Timetable

  • 10am Doors Open
  • 12pm Kids corner Open
  • 12pm Buy and Sell Open
  • 4pm Kids corner no longer staffed
  • 5pm Grande Raffle

Golden Rules

Knavecon is a friendly fun event for gamers and wanna be gamers.  On the day the one rule is always “Don’t be a dick”.  If you can’t adhere to this you will be refunded.

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