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The Mighty Dungeons and Donuts are going to be running a Shadespire competition at Knavecon.  If you don’t know what that is, you can stop now.  (I never played it either but I’m compelled to keep typing).

If you ARE a player here’s the deal…

SHADESPIRE AT KNAVECON: Entry will be €10 at the Dungeons and Donuts booth. We will play 3 rounds of Swiss pairings and then cut to top 2/4 depending on numbers. The player with the most glory points at the end of the Game will be the winner, each match will be best out of three games. The winner of the match will receives 3 pts and 1 pt each in case of a draw. Rounds will be based on swiss pairings. You are allowed switch war bands between match’s but not between games. We will have promo cards, tokens and vouchers for the winners and the two finalists will get a first round bye at our shadespire grand tournament in April where you have a chance to win the Amazing shade glass trophy and other amazing promos. **Players must bring the following:, Warband, decks, game board, dice and tokens

Ronan from D+D can give you more details on the day or online at Dungeons and Donuts




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