Knavecon Diplomacy #3

Well it’s probably number 3, not 100% sure, but I’ll pretend it is and no-one will know the difference.

SPRING! is a time for all good dictators to start taking over Europe in 1900. Winter’s good too as is autumn and summer, but before the next Knavecon rolls around some new and some not so new players will have been baptised (extruded, tortured, masticated and spat out) in fire in the greatest of all games.  Diplomacy!


Here’s the teams

Russia = Leon Kelly (1st game)
Turkey = Eoghan O’Sullivan
France = Barry O’Brien (1st game)
Austria = Black Martin (2nd game)
Italy = Ballina Denis (1st game)
England = Vic (may have played before)
Germany = Earle Flynn (2nd game)

So a lot of new faces and a lot of fresh souls. I almost feel sorry for them….. yeah

Orders will be in soon and let’s see how it rocks out.



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