I can’t actually remember the movie Brusters Millions which is funny (I’m sure) because I have a near encyclopedic memory of movies I saw when I was a kid. So I mustn’t have seen it. Doesn’t matter. It’s been done a number of times. Your uncle has died (Hurrah!) and left an enormous inheritance that he will bequeath to his favorite nephew (it’s Victorian Times so he hates women) the one who knows how to have a good time because seemingly uncle never had fun and regretted it on his deathbed.

To be sure of whom that is he’s giving each of them a smaller but not inconsiderable sum to blow in a week or less. Since Kickstarter wasn’t around back then players will need to blow their wads on lavish meals, the opera, boat trips, property, slavery, watching lunatics and bear bating. The last three are lies but I’m checking you’re reading.

To kick off a round players pick a plan for the day from a shared selection. A plan consists of drawing a certain amount of cards, employing a certain amount of errand boys and taking a certain amount of actions.

Errand boys are send off Scrooge style to grab spots which grant you more cards, manipulate the housing market, hire sycophants, get more actions. Basically prime the pump for opening the financial flood gates if you’ll pardon the mangled metaphors .

Cards come in a number of stacks. Events which tend to be one offs like posh Meals, trips to the opera and numerous other gadding activities. Another stack of cards have either dogs, ladies, horses or chefs on them. These are used to make an event even more expensive, so going to the opera with a lady friend is more expensive than going on your own. Likewise bringing your horse for a meal or your dog on a boat trip hits you harder in the wallet.

Property forms another stack. There’s a number of different types, farms, estates, mansions and something else. The trick is to buy it when it’s expensive (you can manipulate the market a little via your errand boys) and sell when it’s worth less. With some properties you can piddle through money by letting it go to rack and ruin, employ grounds keepers or organize expensive visits to it (possibly with your lady friend, dog, horse etc all of which demand the best)

The whole sizzle of getting rid of your wad sounds on the surface gimmicky but it works really well. The game looks great, lovely artwork, decent card stock, solid pieces. The game is fairly quick depending on the number of players. However….

The lack of player interaction is a negative for me. You can pretty much take your turn while someone else is taking there’s which speaks volumes. The whole affair is a bit dry. It doesn’t get the pulse pounding when you play and all in all I found it a bit dull. I’d definitely play it again but I’m in no mad hurry to

What Ho!


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