Escape or die

“It might not be complete shite” was how this game was introduced to me. The owner was correct. If you’re in a rush you can leave it there and move on to another review, I’m going to struggle to better this one line review.

Escape the Temple is a dice roller against a clock (app) where players for no thematic reason are trying to collect crystals and escape the aforementioned temple. I have a number of gaming buddies who are archeologists whom assure me this nearly never happens in real life.

The game is made up of a stack of square floor tiles each with a number of exits on their sides and when you move from one tile out a door you draw a tile and place it. Each tile has a dice combo you have to roll to get into that room and when in there a dice combo to achieved and score a crystal or two.

Players can cooperate to achieve a room’s goal and some rooms allow you to go for higher results and get more crystals in one go.

The timer app event has got a couple of regular events. Twice you hear a gong and have to run back via dice rolls to the centre and wait for the second all clear gong before you can go back out Crystal farming again.

Eventually the exit tile appears and you need to make it there and pass a final very difficult dice challenge to escape. Everyone has to escape or it’s not a win (boo!) and that’s it.

It’s simple zombie dice stuff, it’s simple filler fun and it’s hectic. Kids will like it, maybe adults. Production qualify is good. It’s fine and forgettable worth ten minutes for sure but there’s better out there. I’d be ok if I didn’t play it again but not put out if I did. Damned by faint praise



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