Down South

Finally got down to Cork to game with Jimmy "the infamous" and the guys from Dan Lowery's tue night games. It was an honor and a pleasure. For them obviously. For me it was a savage beating at The Godfather game.

The guys have a fantastic setup. A cosy bar, friendly staff (related), good food and decent coffee and unusually for a bar alcohol.

The bar even has its own themed board gaming menu of meals. Drop in early. Have a bite to eat, play a few games, have a drink. Not a bad evening at all

A big thank you to the lads for their hospitality. Great nights entertainment and I'm looking forward to seeing these complete 24 carat bastards at Knavecon 10.



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  1. We’re looking forward to it. If only to have more of an audience for Jimmy “I’m not on commission from Asmodee… yet…” Murphy. The Dobble Lord.

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