Wabbit Season

I spoke a few posts back about Player Unknown Battlegrounds, yes yes, it’s not a board game, we all got over that.  What it IS though is the best online shooter in a number of years and you should really get your hands on it.  Ask several other multi-talented Knaves they’ll tell you

Anyhoe in the very irregular bit I do on house rules I dreamt up and we tested out something a little different within the game

PUBG is an open world shooter with a BIG map 8km x 8km across.  When you play in a team of 4 players you normally work as a team competing to be top of the heap against other 4 player teams. Not being know for co-op we changed it up a little, enter RABBIT mode

In this version of the game which is totally player driver one person in the team of four is nominated or agrees to play the role of the rabbit,  they have to evade or kill the other 3 players on their team.  To do this they jump out of the plane as normal. The other three players count to ten before they follow.

I’m here to tell you folks, THIS is a lot of fun.  Remember there’s a war going on down there and anything can happen.  Now the rabbit has quite the task on their hands because not only are they on their own and being actively hunted by EVERYONE in the game they’re also visible on the map to the three members of the team hunting them.

We gave this a good shake down and it’s absolutely brilliant, more so if you have voice chat.  It’s also nails hard for the luckless rabbit, but a welcome challenge.  Top marks to the various rabbits who tried running into a building full of enemy players, hiding on a roof with no stairs down, landing on a vehicle and driving across the map to evade the on foot pursuers (should have run them down when I had the chance) and every other trick we could think on.  No rabbits survived and at best took out one other team member.

Our next adventure is to try PARANOIA where one player is secretly nominated by a fifth person as the traitor and as the game progresses has to murder the other three players….

See you on the battlefield



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