Starred words 

Do you own Caracassone already? Yes? Ok you don’t need Caracassone Star Wars. Do you Not own Caracassone or do you speak fluent Bocce? Ok go ahead and buy Caracassone Star Wars 
CSW is a rethemed version of the venerable Caracassone a nice little gateway game. There’s a little bit of skill and luck mixed equally together here. It’s purely reactionary with a little bit of “card” counting. For all that it’s fun and nice and gentle. Children and non gamers will like it. Hardened gamers will still get something out of it. 

The game consists of around 50 tiles which are drawn one at a time randomly and placed beside the growing map on the table. Tiles contain space lanes (roads), planets (monasteries), asteroid fields (castles) all of which have to be positioned to match up with ones already on the table. When you place a tile you also have the option to place one from your small pool of meeples and claim a spot (planet, space lane or asteroid field) if no one is already there. There’s a little bit of tactically play in denying players the tiles they want, throwing a tile shaped spanner in their carefully planned space scape, deciding when to use and when to hold back your meeples (like Kenny Rogers) and when to fight. Key to play is to not overcommit as meeples don’t come back to your hand unless they’ve completed a full space lane, asteroid or completely surrounded a planet. 
A new addition to this version is dice based combat when opposing meeples merge or more interestingly when you place a tile next to a planet and have the option of meepling (c) onto the adjoining planet. Opponents roll 1-3 decide depending on their faction and possibly the tiles faction or if you use your single Big meeple to do your action. Highest dice wins and losing meeple goes home. Both parties more importantly score points for scrapping. 
The farming which was always a bit confusing for new players is now gone. If you don’t understand ignore that last sense and this one too. 

Two things strike me about this version. The combat is fun the game is locked in to the Star Wars theme so you can’t add any of the myriad of Caracassone proper expansions. That’s ok though. You get enough of the game in the base game. It was never meant to be a lifelong commitment.  
Build quality is good. Artwork is good too. It’s Star Wars. It’s hard to get the artwork wrong in that. It’s also cheap as chips. You’ll pick it up for less than €20. All in all a neat little game with a new skin. Good fun and worth a look if you haven’t played it before
Huzzah !

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