Comic Vault Cork

I spoke with Cathal Travers a few weeks back and we shot the breeze about all things gaming, Cathal is an avid gamer and a regular at Knavecon. In case you didn’t know his online business the mighty Comic Vault is going bricks and mortar in Cork. This Wednesday see’s them opening their first shop in Cork at 15a Oliver Plunkett Street Lower.

Cathal took a few minutes out of preparations to talk to me about his plans

To start with the hours of business will be as follows with a grand opening planned in a few weeks

Sunday: closed
Monday: closed
Tuesday: 10:30 – 7
Wednesday: 10:30-8
Thursday: 10:30-8
Friday: 10:30-8
Saturday: 9-6

Comic Vault has been going strong for a number of years with it’s online business supplying Graphics Novels, T-shirts, the odd board game and all types of Merch. Now they’re going all out and plan to rev up the gaming scene in Cork with more of everything, more games, more merch, more something else that’s good. They’re going to set aside a dedicated gaming area and organise regular game evenings amongst other things and in the words of Cathal, “watch this space we’re only getting warmed up”*

I reckon this could be a trip for Knavecon on Tour in the very near future. From all the Knaves from all around, we wish you the very best in your new endeavour and having seen Comic Vault over the years we reckon you’ll make a splendid success of the whole affair.

Get down there on Wednesday if you’re anyway near!




*he didn’t actually use those words but it was something like that


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