There is only war

My Warhammer Fantasy Army is bigger than yours. Yes it is. It’s fully painted and it slumbers now, but always ready for the now oldhammer call to War or a new one if Games Workshop cops itself on and gets back to WHFB rather than the my little Pony Dead horse thing they’re trying to flog. How big is my army? Really big. Huge. I started painting it long before your Parents decided there was NOTHING on the Telly. My army is bigger than yours and can beat up your little army no problem. Fact. 
I don’t get to play Warhammer much these days and by much I mean at all. I still love it though. The history, the fluff, it’s all timeless, so imagine my excitement when Total War released Warhammer Total War. It was a day one purchase or it would have been if I hadn’t fallen for that trap before and I refused to wind up holding a buggy mess. EARLY purchase is what I went for once the worst bugs were patched and after an on and off amount of play the game bit hard and I was hooked. 

If you’re familiar with Warhammer/Total War you’ll know this mash up would be a match made in heaven. There’s already been numerous Warhammer mods for TW but this is the real deal. 
WHTW Sees you picking one of a number of races (more if you shell out for DLC) and setting out to complete either the short or long campaign. Forget the short campaign you need to go full bore you’ll probably complete the short campaign along the way and laugh behind your hand at those satisfied with just that much. 
WHTW is epic. Epic. Epic. Epic. Epic. It’s also bloody hard even on easy. Everyone hates you. They might not start out hating you but it’s in the post. Even your own race hates you. It’s ok to be paranoid. On top of that chaos is coming and they don’t mess around. So you need to get all the squabbling factions to team up and face the existential threat. All very Lord of the Rings accept….. this is not LOTRs none of the other factions give a brass razoo about the greater good and while you’re already stretched every which way not only do Chaos arrived fully tooled up sweeping in from the north their Norsican fan buddies arrive en-masse in longships from the west. The rest of the races? They never miss an opportunity to stick the boot in when others are weak. This is a tough game. 

The game may be pretty much unscripted but it’s amazing how believable some of the events that play out are. Alliances form between likely factions, races play perfectly to their character, game changing events happen regularly, certain battles are pivotal to your campaign. As the game progresses you find yourself embroiled in desperate battles where victory hangs in the balance. It’s thrilling. 
Graphically this game is a tour de force. Seeing the characters from Warhammer coming to life is stunning. Ditto the animations and the sublime artwork. If you have the computing horsepower this game will use it all and more to serve up an extraordinary vista. 
I’ve spent quite a few months with this game. I still feel I’m scratching the surface. There’s still a stack of races to try out along with a proper lash at multiplayer. On top of that Warhammer Total War 2 is coming soon with a host of new races and the promise to stitch together the maps of the old and new world in a behemoth campaign. I can’t wait. 

If you’re a Warhammer Fantasy fan this is definitely worth checking out. More so as I’m sure it will drop in price with WHTW 2 on the horizon. Epic Epic game

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