Time to time

I reckon I was single digit aged when I got my last and maybe only nose bleed. Recently I played Time and Space and I felt myself drifting back to that day. You think Dobble or Cock a Roche salad is a brain melter? Wait’ly you get a load of this. It’s cheap. Too cheap maybe for what you get in the box. €15 the two times I’ve seen it for sale. But I digress. 

The game is played with …. two egg timers each. Around 40 seconds per timer and every action you take requires you to kick off a timer. The theme is you and up to two other players (yes it’s one of those weird three player games) are trying to complete contracts by delivering different types of resources to players that are requesting them. 

Each player starts with a handful of contracts. They simply show 1-3 of a particular resource. They stick those out in front of their player card and players scramble to be the one to zoom in with their ship and deliver these goods. Goods themselves have to be harvested, moved to the teleport station and finally delivered to the player via the ship which acts as the end point for the teleport. Each of these actions requires one of your timers to run its course before the action is completed. Add to this the ability to upgrade your factory (again requires timer to complete) and moving your ship around (again timer powered) and it quickly becomes like a circus act with three players on unicycles throwing juggling clubs to each other while the sabre dance plays. 
It’s a different game. I’ve never played anything quite like it. It’s unusual too in that you have to know all the rules (relatively simple) before the game starts because you can’t really pause the game once it begins. 

It’s fairly lite. There’s no grand strategy, it’s all reactionary and whilst not as frenetic as dobble or it’s ilk it’s a tiring game. This is not one you would want to play a few hours straight. 
I’m not 100% sure what I think of it. I’m not rushing out to buy it but I’d happily jump onboard if it pulled into view. I suspect this will remain a unique oddity definitely worth a look but not essential for your collection. That said. It IS really cheap….

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