Despite all my rage

Hamsterolle sounds like something hilariously funny you could order for lunch in a hipster bistro. It is in fact more like an infinite game of jenga.  
The upoyumous hamsterolle is a wooden hoop about 50 cm across and about 10cm wide. A scale mode of Halo if you will. In the inside of it are a dozen or so uprights and when the game starts the black cone or spike of Doom as it was named by my 5yr old is placed in the center and a direction of roll picked. Don’t worry it doesn’t shoot off the table. Gravity is our friend for once here. 

Players start with a selection of New Order True Faith pieces and have to take it in turns to place one of them going away in one direction around the inside of the hoop on a Ledge where the previous player placed one of theirs or on a higher ledge up. They can pass too. Passing is a tactic. If they get rid of all their pieces first they win. If pieces fall off while they’re placing they have to take them (after a few requisites swears and mutters).
It’s piddly simple. That said it’s not without skill and I’d be pushing it if I said strategy since the only strategy is to get rid of your bits faster than your opponent but tactics center around getting rid of one of your pieces and making it difficult for the next person. The ol’ shitting in the hot bunk ploy so often used. 

Games are pretty fast. Five or ten minutes maybe. There is a fantastic one more go element to it. The game is a looker. It will attract people in for sure at a convention because it looks so different. The pieces are nice and Germanic chunky. It’s a sweet game to play. It’s also a big game. The box is a half size again above most Fantasy Flight games. 
I’m curious to see how it goes in Knavecon but I reckon it will attract a lot of curious gamers
Interesting game, try it on the 4th March

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