Shear Shite

I didn’t expect much from this game. I didn’t pay much for it (fidden euro) but after one game it’s starting to make Risk Godstorm look good. 
Sheer Panic should be a kids game. It looks gorgeous. It comes with a flock of eleven swanky cartoon resin sheep. The pieces are fantastically sculpted, real Wallace and Gromit/Shaun the sheep stuff. Savor the models for a while It goes downhill from there. 

It should be a kids game but it’s not. The rules are a tad over complicated for kids. It should be a fun game, it’s not, it’s dull and dry. 
Here’s and interesting fact. Computers can’t generate real random numbers (shut up they can’t) they generate pseudo random numbers based on a formula and the system clock, it’s pretty random, more than enough for most things. Get them to play a quick game of Sheer Panic and check the scores you’d have a totally random set of numbers right there. There’s practically no skill here. More so if you play with a full four players. By the time your turn comes around it’s pure chance if you’ve scored or not. 

What kills me here is the game LOOKS fantastic and if the designers had have put as much time into the rules as they did the look they would have had a hit on their hands. As it stands we have a game with a theme bolted into a dry and boring set of rules. It’s not like the game can be modified to be a better game. From the foundation up its piddly poor. 
I wanted to like this game. I wanted something I could whip out and play with my youngest. No such luck. 

Shame. Shame. Shame. 

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