More Star Wars

I know I spoke about this recently but I’m all excited about Star Wars at the moment so indulge me. 
Risk was not my first “real” board game. That was way WAY back thanks to Action comic or possibly beyond. That said Risk has been a good friend to me but it ran it’s course. I’ve played way to much Risk in the past and even a more modern version like Godstorm I quickly realized made me more sure. I’m done Risk. It’s not you it’s me (it’s really you). However….
Star Wars Risk. The new one 
I read up a bit on this. It wasn’t an impulse buy. It’s good. It’s two player or two team. It kicks off in the Return of the Jedi timeline and it’s glorious. It’s without doubt the best Risk game of all mostly because it’s absolutely not Risk. It’s Risk only insofar as it uses dice for attacks and It has a map. Outside of that it’s very much it’s own game. 

There are three distinct tracks going on here all interconnected. The rebels are trying to advance along the Endor track to take down the shield around the second Death Star. Simultaneously they need to protect the rebel fleet from both the fully operational Death Star 2.0 as well as the Executioner and the massive fleet of Tie Fighters. Also meanwhile Vader and Luke are knocking seven shades of shite out of each other the result of a winner in this bout will let the victor (not me) steal a march on their opponent. 
The rules are simple. It’s kid friendly. It looks very nice indeed (more so if you get the black edition) and it plays really well. 
The game is always on a knifes edge. It’s always tense and can go either way (which is what the expression knifes edge means). 
I’ve played this a few times now and every game has been different. Every game has been good and every one has left me with an urge to play again. 

This is not Rebellion. It is however a game both lite but with enough depth to sink your teeth into. It plays out in just over an hour. It’s a looker and it’s fast to both setup and put away. Truth be told for what it is it’s beautifully formed. 
I highly recommend it. Will you be playing this dozens of time? Probably. Try it at Knavecon and tell me I’m wrong. Oh and merry xmas 

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