Less of that please 

I spoke some time about a trend in games I was uncomfortable with. App driven games. Well more specifically board games that won’t run without apps. I’m seeing less of these appearing. Maybe the trend is petering out or maybe I’m looking for games in all the wrong places (there’s a song in that). A trend I’m seeing and while not as uncomfortable as I was with the apps issue it’s making my spider senses tingle. It’s kickstarters with stretch goals and lots and lots of minis. 
I’ve never backed a Kickstarter. No never. Not even once. Wouldn’t even know how and not because I’m a tight git who wouldn’t buy two liters of milk at night in case I die in my sleep. It’s because I don’t want to wait. I want my pay off now. I may be persuaded btw. I don’t have a problem. Honestly. No what I’m tired of is games where the big wow factor is the beautifully sculpted models (BSM). Games that are grand and dandy but weight in at €100 plus because they’re bursting with BSMs. Personally I’m nonplussed by minis. Let’s face if I’m not going to paint them and chances are you won’t either. They’re fine and dandy but it’s the gameplay I’m interested in not fur coat and no knickers. There’s been a number of games released that have had ok gameplay. Just ok but look only gorgeous. No thanks. 
Why can’t we be wowed by a set of mechanics rather than the “look at the monkey” beautiful minis? Look at Scythe, maybe one of the most hyped games. Ever. Ever. Looks gorgeous but the gameplay is solitaire. I would have much preferred wooden cubes and better interaction. I’d jump onboard a game for €50 no problem if it was a hit with the option of buying a deluxe version if I chose to. Not a deluxe as the base game and the super and super duper deluxe version as the luxury one. 
Look at Twilight Struggle would it be a better game if it had sculptured models of armies? Blood Rage on the other hand wouldn’t be quite the same without the monsters. 
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve no issue with minis in a game, look at xwing and armada. Look at Blood Rage. The models compliment the game but Jesus Christ and all his little wizards can we have a new block buster game that’s not mini lead? It’s becoming tiring and I demand to be entertained 

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  1. I entirely agree, I’ve passed on a lot of games because of the high cost due to miniatures.
    It should be noted though, that I have also quiet often not passed on games because of the high cost due to miniatures

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